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That nagging pain that you have had for months or even years, that trip over your dog or cat that tweaked your back. Whatever the reason you're in pain or dealing with limited range of motion, we want to put our Pain Recovery Process to work for you! 

Does your body complain to you? 

Results Driven


Goals drive results! With a goal, we have a vision and a road map to move forward. Goals also allow us to measure progress and determine if we are effecting the  positive change your goals are pushing us towards. Our goal is to help you feel better so, effectively, you don't need us anymore!

Goal Oriented 


Now that we know what your better body feels like, we set goals and intentions during our first session together. After the first hands-on session, we will explain what we  experienced, and what we think needs to be done to get you to your better body.  This way our goals are realistic and achievable!



Your pain and discomfort is just that, yours. Its individual and unique to you. That is where our Pain Recovery Process starts. With you! We achieve this with a thorough intake process. This way we know exactly what you're experiencing and what your better body would feel like.

At Pain Recovery Massage Therapy that's what we're all about! Actually solving that nagging pain or acute injury. Our Pain Recovery Process is personalized to your specific needs, goal oriented, and driven by a desire to  get you into your better body. Lets get to work! 

What if you could stop that nagging pain, or discomfort, and keep it gone? 

Are you ready?

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Hello, we are Josh and Violet! Our goals are helping you move as pain-free as possible in the one body you get. We want it to be the best body you can possibly have. Lets work together to move forward and start moving toward your better body today!

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